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Communications - Crisis Press and PR
Your first point of contact for help with any media crisis your school might face
We specialise in managing difficult news or crisis communications and this experience means we can help you communicate professionally and appropriately to your pupils, staff, parents, governors, communities and of course the media who are sure to be quickly in touch with you.
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31 Jul
Honour Abuse, Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation
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06 Aug
Early Help Supervision
• Inform of benefits of the supervision of Early Help work undertaken by staff you are responsible for to include risk management. • Develop knowledge of a range of supervision models • Enable practice of supervision skills • Explore practical issues in structuring and delivery of supervision. • Inform about recording requirements
08 Aug
Domestic Abuse Awareness (formerly known as Domestic Abuse Level 2)
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15 Aug
Self Harm & Suicide Awareness
Skills and knowledge highlighted in this training include • Perceptions and personal reactions • Identification • Statistics • Experiences and circumstances that can lead to self-harm and suicidal tendencies • Dispel some of the myths and reinforce facts • Distractions, avoidance techniques and interventions • Appropriate planning, monitoring and review of incidents • Effects of self-harm to individual and staff • Anger management and self-affirmation • Helping and approaching distressed individuals (an action plan) • Risk assessment and re-enforcing the importance of communication • Resources, help and advice For more information (on the course only) please contact Laura Ashton in the Public Health Team; Laura.Ashton@doncaster.gov.uk Refreshments will be provided but attendees are expected to bring their own lunch
16 Aug
Sexual Abuse Awareness
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