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Countryside Service - Outdoor Education
We have 55 sites across Doncaster and offers a service for children to come and learn the skills needed to survive in the wilds of the South Yorkshire countryside.
The Countryside Service is part of the Adults, Health and Wellbeing Directorate. The service maintains the Doncaster Council owned woodlands and provides environmental education services both within a school setting and the woodlands, primarily Sandall Beat.

Environmental education, practical experience and conservation are central to our ethos of promoting improved health and wellbeing in an easily accessible natural environment to all ages and abilities.
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19 Sep
Functional Analysis
This course will enable participants to understand what functional analysis is, explore how to use it to support understanding of behaviours and once they have identified the behaviours they want to change consider what they then need to do. This course is designed for staff working in both primary and secondary settings
19 Sep
This course is designed for school staff across all key stages to enable them to understand the psychology of behaviour. Practitioners will be able to recognise when behaviours are escalating and use preventative strategies to de-escalate behaviour. This is an interactive course that enables reflection on challenging situations and enables participants to use solution focused approaches to support the children and young people within their setting.
23 Sep
Signs of Safety Roadshow
Learning objectives: * To develop a general understanding of the Signs of Safety model; * To understand the Signs of Safety language and situations when likely to come across it in use; * To have an overview of the how to apply / contribute to a Signs of Safety approach; * To build confidence in use and contribution to a Signs of Safety approach; * To have knowledge of how to gain further support and advice when applying a signs of safety approach to working with children and families in Doncaster.
23 Sep
Characteristics of Effective Learning
The Characteristics of Effective Learning detail the ways in which children should be learning from their environment, experiences and activities. Children up to the age of five should all be displaying the Characteristics of Effective Learning every day.
24 Sep
Fire Safety Awareness
Fire safety duties under the law Common causes of fire Be able to support effective evacuation Fire triangle Classes of fire Different extinguisher types Know how to prevent fire and limit fire spread Be able to identify the requirements of an effective fire action plan Use fire extinguishers effectively/live fire training