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Clerking Only - 3 Governing Body Meetings (Academic Year)
A professional clerking service for your Governor Meetings.

Please be aware this contract is on academic year dates (Sept – Aug) if you are wanting to continue the service and transition onto an academic year you will need to purchase the 5 month transition contract from April – Aug.

What's included?

  • Termly Local Authority Briefing Paper identifying key items for consideration.
  • Attendance at, and the minuting of, 3 Governing Body meetings (and Committee meetings where purchased) throughout the year advising on any procedural matters.
  • Recording all decisions accurately and objectively with timescales for any agreed action.
  • Draft minutes will be provided to the Chair, Vice-Chair and Headteacher for any amendments.
  • Circulating the approved draft minutes to all Governors.
  • Provide an inspection copy of the termly minutes which are to be retained at the school as an archive record.
  • Production of minutes in your preferred format and management of any follow up work. 
  • Routine monitoring of minutes as part of a quality assurance process.
  • Having access to the appropriate training.
  • Access to the termly Education: Future Directions Seminar.

This contract is on an academic year Sept - Aug and is a rolling contract.