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Language Support Non-Subscriber
Access to language support services for Non-Subscribers

If you would like to access to services offered by language support and have not purchased the subscription please purchase this Non-Subscription Service for free and populate the pre-purchase questionnaire; 

Standard Support; 

  • Bilingual Support Officer/ Traveller Support Officer Support
  • Outreach Support for GRT/EAL
  • Intervention Programmes
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Exam Support 
  • School Based Diversity Events

The above services will be charged in-arrears at the non-subscription rates and will be based on the requirements you have agreed with the service. 

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Language Support Officers
Direct curriculum and language support to groups and individual pupils.
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Exam Support
Preparing pupils for exams in their first language
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School Based Diversity Events
School based activities relating to language support
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Translation and Interpretation
Supporting schools with translation and interpretation
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Intervention Programmes
Structured language program designed to support children who are learning English
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Bespoke Training to Practitioners
Narrow the communication gap between parents and teachers