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Education Welfare Officer - (3 days per week)
Assisting and providing advice and support to your school to improve attendance.

This level of service includes an attendance review to develop a personalised action plan to improve attendance. Throughout the year the Education Welfare Officer will provide bespoke interventions relevant to emerging issues.

This level of service will include Attendance Meetings offering advice and support in the development of attendance policies; advising on Safeguarding issues: supporting schools with targeted initiatives; supporting the development of a whole school approach to develop practice and enhance pupil attendance. It can include a number of agreed casework referrals requiring direct intervention from the Local Authority where a family assessment will be carried out to ascertain the underlying reasons for poor attendance, signpost and implement interventions as required. It can also include Parent Meetings where the Local Authority Officer will meet with parents/carers.

This level of service provides an Education Welfare Officer for 3 days per week. 

This contract is on an academic year September - August and is a rolling contract.