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Ofsted Readiness Review
Are you ready?

A bespoke school review of your school to ensure you are ready of that next Ofsted Visit.

What's included?

Review Visit Preparation

  • The service will include one day for the reviewing officer to scope the review.
  • Prior to the review the school will be expected to share their current SEF, School Improvement Plan, outcomes data analysis and any other relevant plans to inform the work of the reviewing team.
  • Using the information provided by the school alongside the ASP report a professional partner  will work with a senior lead from the school to scope the itinerary for the review.

Review Visit

  • A ONE DAY review against Ofsted Criteria will be carried out by either 1 or 2 experienced professional partners (depending on the size of the school). 
  • The nature of the review may include (but not exclusively) system and policy reviews, website compliance checks, meetings with key leaders and staff, speaking to pupils, parents and governors (where relevant).

Written Report

  • Following the visit to the school a detailed report will be provided highlighting strengths, areas for development and with key recommendations linked to the four key areas of the new Ofsted framework.
  • School leaders will be more aware of the current position in preparation for Ofsted with identified next steps for the school to follow up and implement to improve provision.