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Subject Deep Dives
Providing external validation of a subject

What's included?

  • Preparation work in scoping the focus of the deep dive with the school’s leadership team and the itinerary.  
  • ONE DAY (2 professional partners) deep dive based on the itinerary e.g. lesson observations, work scrutiny, analysis of the tracking data, meeting with key leaders, meeting with pupils to elicit their views etc.
  • Feedback to school's leadership team on headlines of the findings.
  • Feedback to individual teachers on strengths and areas for development. 
  • Written report outlining key strengths and areas for development including recommendations aligned to the area of focus.

Dependent on the focus of the review more than two officers may be involved in the teaching and learning review and the costs for the review will need to be adjusted accordingly.

What are the benefits for you?

  • You'll receive an objective evaluation of the area of focus to support school improvement planning and self-evaluation.
  • You'll be provided with concise points and areas of action for your school to implement. 
  • The review will help prepare your school for an Ofsted inspection.

The deep dive will align with the Ofsted Inspection Framework and will prepare school leaders for meetings with the inspection team.